Steel v. Polyurethane


Choose the best cutting edge for your snowplow


The quality and type of cutting edge you purchase can have a great impact on your snow plowing operations. Some contracts require that a certain edge be used, while others will leave it up to you to decide. Follow this overview to see which cutting edge is right for you.




  • Performs best on fresh snow or slush
  • Protects high end sidewalks or driveways from scraping and gouging
  • Quieter than its steel counterpart
  • Reduces impact and vibration when your plow hits a hidden obstacle




  • Ideal for hard-pack snow and ice
  • Scrapes away snow covered ice sheets for a clean, clear surface
  • Resistant to abrasions for an extended wear life
  • Less expensive than polyurethane edges


Which is right for you?


Many factors should be taken into consideration when choosing a cutting edge, and there is no right or wrong decision. Either steel or polyurethane can be used for most jobs. If your contract doesn't specify which material must be used, then weigh the benefits of each to decide.


Still not sure which to choose?


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