Scheduled Maintenance Inspections


Reduce downtime with Scheduled Maintenance Inspections by our Certified Technicians


  • Certified, trained technicians
  • Documented maintenance for warranty assurance
  • Any brand, any model
  • On-site or in our shop


On-Time Inspections


You can count on Security Equipment to complete Scheduled Maintenance Inspections for your equipment to avoid downtime and keep your machines performing their best. Most equipment manufacturers require some sort of maintenance every 250 hours. We can verify service hours periodically and perform maintenance activities to meet warranty coverage requirements.


Trained, Certified Technicians


All machines are serviced by our trained, certified technicians, on-site or in our shops. We can service any brand that's in your fleet.


Thorough Inspections


We have developed a thorough inspection regimen for each type of equipment. These procedures are strictly followed to identify possible problems with equipment functions. Each inspection includes an oil analysis, which reveals the presence of metals and contaminants in the machine's fluids, indicating which components are worn and might require replacement in the future.


Scheduled Maintenance On-Site


Security Equipment maintains a fleet of service vehicles to provide on-site service for both repairs and routine maintenance. Our trained, certified technicians are dispatched to your job site to perform maintenance activities recommended by the equipment manufacturer at specified intervals. We can schedule these maintenance procedures when your machines are idle to optimize your equipment productivity.


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Service Tips

Here are some tips to keep your equipment running effective and efficiently