Proactive Maintenance


Keeps your machines on the job site and out of the shop


  • Prices are set with scheduled maintenance contracts
  • No need to keep parts on hand
  • Maintenance is confirmed to assure warranty coverage


We accommodate your schedule


We arrange regular service at your convenience on-site or in our state-of-the-art shop.


Fixed pricing


With our proactive maintenance plan, there are no unexpected costs, and you receive a full inspection every time your machine is serviced. With regular fluid analyses, we can anticipate when major parts may need to be replaced, so that downtime can be scheduled when it’s convenient for your work schedule.


On-time inspections


You can count on Security Equipment to complete scheduled maintenance in the timeframe suggested by your manufacturers.


Quality components


All replacement parts adhere to OEM standards and specifications.


Fluid analysis


Analyzing system fluids provides a snapshot of internal conditions Fluids are taken from several areas in your equipment and are analyzed by laboratories to determine levels of contaminants in the various fluids. The concentration of each contaminant is compared to normal wear rates, so that potential problems with components can be identified before failure. The trends for the contaminant levels in your equipment also provide valuable information on potential problems. Security Equipment monitors your oil analyses. We will provide guidance on necessary repairs and filter and oil change intervals, based on the results for your equipment.


Parts program


Security Equipment can set up a parts program at your location, so you always have wear parts on hand for the machines in your fleet. Our parts program usually include:


• Filters


• Hoses

• Belts


• Teeth

• Ignition switches


• Oil 

• And more!







Service Tips

Here are some tips to keep your equipment running effective and efficiently