Easy access to real time equipment location, daily engine hours and utilization reports


A GPS based asset management solution for heavy equipment


Real-time equipment location via Global Positioning System (GPS) data
Daily engine hours for equipment maintenance planning and accurate customer billing 
Geofencing alerts you if your equipment exits predefined boundaries
User defined reports to track equipment utilization and maintenance scheduling
Three simple service plans with no hidden fees
Theft protection when combined with LoJack, a stolen vehicle recovery system



Recover your equipment in the event of theft, with LoJack


How LoJack works


1. Installation
The LoJack unit is hidden in your construction equipment and registered in the LoJack database.


2. Notification
Report the theft to the police to activate the unit. Contact LoJack for additional assistance.


3. Activation
Once your equipment is reported to the police as stolen, a radio signal is sent to the LoJack unit in your equipment. This unit emits a coded signal directly to police.


4. Tracking
The LoJack Police Tracking Computer receives the unit’s signal and leads the police to your equipment.


5. Recovery
Your construction equipment is recovered quickly to minimize downtime.







Service Tips

Here are some tips to keep your equipment running effective and efficiently