Ethanol Fuel Tips


Be aware of the dangers of E15

-E15 is gasoline that contains up to 15% ethanol
-It is approved only for vehicles built after 2001 and flex fuel vehicles
-Consult your owner's manual for a list of approved fuels


What is E15 gasoline?


E15 gasoline is a mixture of 85% gasoline and up to 15% ethanol. The EPA recently granted a waiver to retailers allowing them to sell E15 gasoline. Before this waiver, the maximum amount of ethanol allowed in gasoline was 10% (E10).


E15 can be dangerous


  • Ethanol fuel degrades faster and corrodes fuel system components, including gaskets, hoses, fuel tanks, carburetors, fuel injector caps, etc.
  • Ethanol has a lower energy content than gasoline, which lowers fuel economy.
  • E15 can separate into gas and ethanol when sitting for long periods of time, and engines that run on this fuel can experience catastrophic failure. Small 2-cycle engines are especially at risk.
  • Damage caused by bad fuel is not covered by any factory warranty.


Never use E15 gasoline in


  • Cars built prior to 2001
  • Off road engines
  • Motorcycles
  • Heavy duty vehicles, such as buses or delivery trucks
  • Snowmobiles, boats, or ATVs
  • Lawn mowers, chain saws, or other yard equipment


How to avoid damage


  • Read your owner's manual to determine whether E15 is approved for the equipment. If you are unsure, use E10.
  • Pumps selling E15 will always have a bright orange warning label.


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