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Why SnowEx®?


We Cut Our Teeth As Contractors


The orgins of SnowEx® is very familiar to our customers. That's because they spent years as snow and ice fighters before becoming a manufacturer. They definetly did their share of all-nighters. There is nothing like those dreaded 3:00 a.m. equipment breakdowns. Simply put, they've walked in your boots. And that unique perspective goes into the development of every solution in their Snow Plows, Salt Spreaders, UTV Plow's, and just released 2 years ago, the SS-4000 Sidewalk broom and plow.


History of Innovation


The history of SnowEx is a long list of innovations. Low-maintenance motor/transmission drive systems, v-box spreaders with corrosion resistant poly hoppers, a wireless-controlled utility spreader, the job-tracking Salt-Traxx system for hopper spreaders. That's just the tip of the iceberg with what they've done...and what they continue to do...all to give you more productive, longer lasting, easier to use equipment solutions.