W50C TC Wheel Loader


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Outboard wet disc brakes with seperate Spring Applied Hydraulically Released (SAHR) parking brake


provide enhanced control and significantly increased brake life.


The "low effort" braking system allows the operator to apply stopping power with a minimum amount of force.



No matter what your line of work—landscaping, construction or property maintenance,



You’ll complete your jobs more quickly and effectively with a



New Holland W50C TC Wheel Loader


New Holland W50C TC



New Holland C Series compact wheel loaders are completely new, with a stable, more compact design, and with more


built-in comfort and convenience. You can rely on New Holland compact wheel loaders to perform


smoothly and quickly to boost your efficiency on every job site.



New Holland W50C TC Compact Wheel Loader
New Holland W50C TC Compact Wheel Loader








  • INCREASED STABILITY FOR FASTER, MORE CONFIDENT OPERATION - C Series compact wheel loaders also feature increased stability so you can:


•Lift and move larger loads


•Enjoy a smoother ride


•Operate with more confidence


•Travel more smoothly and quickly, even in tough terrains




  • SPACIOUS COMFORT AND SMOOTH CONTROL - The brand-new cab design incorporates big comfort, with roomy dimensions and natural, ergonomic controls. Redesigned wide steps give you easier cab entry and exit.


•The seat, steering column and armrests adjust to make


every operator comfortable.


•The standard LCD display puts information within an


easy glance.


•The high-performance heater/defroster is standard with


optional air conditioning for comfort in any season.




  • LIFT, LOAD, DIG AND SCRAPE MORE EFFICIENTLY - With dependable engine and hydraulic power and a choice of buckets and attachments, New Holland compact wheel loaders do much more than load. They allow you to scrape, grade, push, rake, haul and more.



  • FAST SERVICING - Fast, ground-level access to maintenance points and long service intervals reduce the time your operators spend on routine maintenance tasks.



*Features and specifications subject to change without notice 


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