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4550 4WD



Superior Performing Tractor


The all-new 4550 4WD is a superior performing tractor at a great value.


Loaded with a variety of standard features, the 4550 is an economical,


rugged, compact 4WD utility tractor that offers versatility and ergonomic comfort.


Plus, owners now have the added benefit of Mahindra's mCRD Tier 4 engine technology. 



1200 x 237 mCRD Technology



1150 x 237 7 Year Warranty Badge




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  • 7-year limited warranty - see dealer for details
  • Ergonomic controls and pedals for operator comfort
  • Comfortable mounting step on left side of tractor
  • Differential Lock
  • Easy hook for top link retention
  • Category 2 with telescopic check chains for lower links
  • Clear view, multifunctional instrument panel
  • Adjustable sliding seat
  • Direct injection diesel engine with wet replaceable cylinder sleeve and air intake cold start aid
  • Easy grip, comfortable levers / handles


*Features and specifications subject to change without notice.



Feature Specs (PDF)






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Important Attachment and Implement Matching Disclaimer: We strongly recommend that you work with your Sales Team at Security Equipment Company before purchasing any add ons to match your exact tractor, based on your specific needs. Depending on different jobs or tasks you will be doing, some implements may not be compatible depending on the conditions, terrain, etc. Mahindra USA accepts no liability of mis-matched implements or attachments with tractors.