1150 x 287 Max 26XL HST Cab


Max 26XL 4WD HST Cab



The all new Mid-Compact from Mahindra USA. The Max 26 can do everything a compact tractor can do


and more and is only tractor of its size, power, dimensions and capability in the market.





Max 26XL 4WD HST Cab Dump Snow
Max 26XL 4WD Cab Outside Barn
Max 26XL 4WD HST Cab Dump Snow Max 26XL 4WD Cab Outside Barn







  • Max Maneuverability - Best in class turning radius to get work done in tight spaces
  • Max Stability - Tractor Tires, better traction, stability and safety for all jobs
  • Max Engine Performance - 28% lower RPM results in smooth, quiet operation and less fuel consumption
  • #1 Selling Tractor in the World
  • Max Versatility - choose up to 15 implements to handle any task
  • Max Comfort - Easy turn seat for Tractor - Loader - Backhoe operation, easy on and off with open platform
  • Max Lift Capacity - Lift more, carry more, pull more and get more done
  • 7-Year limited power train warranty


*Features and specifications subject to change without notice



250 x 155 7 Year Warranty Badge2





Max Series Brochure (PDF)
















Important Attachment and Implement Matching Disclaimer: We strongly recommend that you work with your Sales Team at Security Equipment Company before purchasing any add ons to match your exact tractor, based on your specific needs. Depending on different jobs or tasks you will be doing, some implemnts may not be compatible depending on the conditions, terrain, etc. Mahindra USA accepts no liability of mis-matched implements or attachments with tractors.