1150 x 334 3540 PST Cab Header



3540 PST Cab



Power, Reliability and style - together at last.



Rugged and versatile, 4WD compact tractor with a large-capacity engine, heavy duty



transmission and cast-iron chassis with high-lift capacity loader and 3-pt. hitch.



1200 x 237 mCRD Technology V2









  • Clear view. electronic instrument panel with multi-function warning lights
  • Heavier, stronger built chassis makes our tractors heavier & safer with better traction
  • Lift heavier loads with the powerful new ML120 Mahindra front loader
  • Reliable Mahindra Engine: ultra-quiet, fuel-efficient, four-stroke direct-injection, water-cooled diesel conforms to EPA Tier IV norms
  • Standard foldable ROPS
  • Enhanced styling for sleek integrated look with a curved boom loader to match
  • Heavier-built, solid 3-point hitch linkage - compare it to others & literally see the difference
  • Optional Grille Guard with push/pull pin & lock flips down for easy access to engine
  • Standard Deluxe suspension seat with back angle & weight adjustment; retractable seat belt, arm rests & water drain
  • Standard Industrial Tires are widest in their class, for greater stability


*Features and specifications subject to change without notice





 3500 Series Brochure (PDF)



447 x 131 mCRD Technolgy






Important Attachment and Implement Matching Disclaimer: We strongly recommend that you work with your Sales Team at Security Equipment Company before purchasing any add ons to match your exact tractor, based on your specific needs. Depending on different jobs or tasks you will be doing, some implements may not be compatible depending on the conditions, terrain, etc. Mahindra USA accepts no liability of mis-matched implements or attachments with tractors.