1150 x 290 2565 Shuttle Cab



2565 Shuttle Cab


Economical and easy to operate Cab tractor with loads of standard features.


Designed for general purpose farming and ag, livestock operations and grounds maintenance.


1200 x 237 mCRD Technology4









  • mCRD 65 HP engine with no DPF filter
  • Heavier 3-Point Linkage
  • Wide Entry
  • Hood lifts high, panels come off, no tools required
  • Great Serviceability access
  • 12 x 12 Synchro Shuttle Transmission
  • Standard rear remote valve
  • Shifters at operators sides, not on the floor
  • Powerful, reliable 65 HP 3-Cylinder engine
  • Adjustable Suspension Seat


*Features and specifications subject to change without notice





2500 Series Brochure (PDF)



447 x 131 mCRD Technolgy







Important Attachment and Implement Matching Disclaimer: We strongly recommend that you work with your Sales Team at Security Equipment Company before purchasing any add ons to match your exact tractor, based on your specific needs. Depending on different jobs or tasks you will be doing, some implemnts may not be compatible depending on the conditions, terrain, etc. Mahindra USA accepts no liability of mis-matched implements or attachments with tractors.