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Outstanding performance, exceptional comfort, easy maintenance, and excellent


durability make Kubota's new Skid Steer Loaders the clear choice for the job.




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300 Rugged Loader Design


  • Rugged Loader Arm Design with Long Reach and High Bucket Hinge Pin Height

a. Versatile Verticle Lift Geometry

b. Hinge Pin Location provides maximum clearance

c. Auxiliary Hydraulic lines routed through loader arm for safer protection



300 Widest Cab

  • Wide Cab with Lots of Extras

a. 36 inches between the side screens is the widest in the skid steer industry: lots of elbow room

b. Less fatigue on your feet with an ergonomically designed foot pedal location

c. Easy effort Sliding Front Door for maximum visibility and no interference with loader arms

d. Standard side lighting to extend the work day

e. Standard, wide, rear view mirror

f. Side windows on enclosed cab installed outside the side screen for easier cleaning

g. Bolt-on grab handles that can be replaced without compromising ROPs integrity

h. Tilt the cab with the loader arms up or down



  • Door Enclosed Fuel Tank and Easy Refill Access

a. Standard Heavy-Duty Rear Door with no louvers or punch outs to protect fuel tank and other peripherals

b. More room in the engine compartment since fuel tank installed on inside of heavy-duty rear door


  • Top Mounted Radiator and Oil Cooler

a. Easily removable top screen allows for easy cleaning

b. More access to daily service checks since radiator and oil cooler are out of the way


  • Cooling System and Variable Fan

a. Allows for more efficient engine cooling

b. Lessens noise levels


  • Easy Battery Access

a. No additional access panels to remove

b. Easy to reach with jumper cables to jump start your other equipment

 300 Reliable Kubota Engines

  • Common Rail System and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Muffler

a. Better fuel efficiency

b. Auto Regeneration

c. Inhibit Switch

d. A loyalty hallmark, Kubota Engines have proven their worth time and time again. Kubota is the largest manufacturer of under 100-HP engines. You can find them in all of our diesel engine powered units - and even those of some of our competitors who take advantage of its reputation.


300 Easy Maintenance 



  • Easy Access to Routine Checks with most grease zerks recessed

The heavy rear door opens wide, providing access to all components including the battery, air cleaner, filters, and all fluid drains.


300 2 Speed Standard

  • Standard Two-Speed Travel

Shift from low gear at 6.9 mph (SSV65) / 7.4 mph (SSV75) to high gear at 11.1 mph (SSV65) / 11.8 mph (SSV75) to get the job done faster.


  • Multi-Function Levers (Hand & Foot Controls)

The optional multi-function levers provide fingertip control of all major vehicle and attachment operations including, the main hydraulic line and three electrical lines, letting you keep both hands on the levers at all times for optimal operating efficiency.

a. Horn

b. KSR

c. Aux Electrical Control Switch

d. Aux Electrical Control Switch or Turn Signals

e. Single / Two Speed Switch

f. Aux Electrical Control Switch

g. Aux Electrical Control Switch

h. Aux Port Variable Switch for Proportional Flow

i. Aux Hold Switch for Continuous Flow


  • Multi-Function Levers (ISO Controls)

The pilot control optional levers are ergonomically designed for easy operation, better comfort, and less fatigue. Just like with the foot controls, all major vehicle attachment operations are on the levers.

a. KSR

b. Horn

c. Aux Electrical Control Switch

d. Single / Two Speed Switch (Trigger)

e. Aux Electrical Control Switch

f. Aux Port Variable Switch for Proportional Flow

g. Aux. Electrical Control Switch

h. Aux Hold Switch for Continuous Flow

i. Float (Trigger)


  • Self-Leveling Function with Kubota Shockless Ride (KSR)

The optional self-leveling function maintains the position of the bucket or fork as the attachment is raised, eliminating the need to manually adjust the angle during this operation. KSR helps minimize fatigue by "smoothing out" the ride. You'll appreciate KSR when carrying heavy loads over rough terrain on the farm or at a construction job site.


300 Air Conditioned Cab

  • Sealed and Pressurized Cabin

The pressurized cab keeps out dust, flying debris, and insects so that you can work comfortably with fewer distractions. Lower noise levels let you work long hours with minimal fatigue.


  •  Wide Comfortable Interior with fold down side bars that provide great wrist support and protect the operator

a. Excellent 360° visibility

b. Suspension Seat

c. Ready for Radio Installation

d. Cup Holder

e. 12V power outlet


  • Optimized Air Conditioning

Optimized airflow through nine vents provides outstanding cooling and heating comfort throughout the year.


  • Kubota Branded Versatile Attachments

Kubota Branded Versatile Attachments including buckets with cutting edges or teeth, pallet forks, grapples, brooms, bale spears, rotary tillers, augers, power rakes, snow blades, snow blowers, and so many more.

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  • 64 HP Kubota V2607-CR-TE4 Tier 4 Engine
  • 6,790 - lbs. Operating Weight (Open Cab ROPS)
  • 7,055 - lbs. Operating Weight (Closed Cab ROPS)
  • 121.5" Hinge Pin Height
  • 32.7" Vertical Lift reach
  • 66.5" Overall Machine Width
  • 18.0 GPM Aux Standard Flow Hyd.
  • 28.0 GPM Aux High Flow (Optional)
  • Pilot Controls Now Available


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*Features and specifications subject to change without notice



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SSL Buckets
Rock Bucket
Rock Bucket
Pallet Forks
Pallet Forks
Angle Broom
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Grapple Claw
Grapple Claw
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Grapple Manure
Grapple Manure
Power Rake
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Snow Pusher
Snow Pusher
Snow Blade
Snow Blade
Rotary Tiller
Rotary Tiller
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Stump Grinder
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