RTV 400Ci Gasoline Model


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Meet the RTV400Ci by Kubota


The RTV400Ci, is a 16-horsepower utility vehicle that fits into the bed of a full-sized pickup making it ideal for hunting


or property maintenance. The RTV400Ci features a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT Plus) and is powered by


Electronic Fuel Injected single-cylinder gasoline engine for outstanding performance climbing hills, overcoming obstacles


and working in higher elevations or in colder climates. At a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour, occupants ride in


comfort with the RTV400Ci's ergonomic and conveniently- placed controls, contoured bench seat and


low platform with ample leg room.





The RTV400Ci is available in Orange and Realtree® Hardwoods Camouflage







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 300 RTV Gas Engine

  • 16 HP Air Cooled EFI Gas Engine
  1. The gasoline engine features an Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system that provides on-demand power, optimizes acceleration and enhances quiet operability. Plus, the EFI eliminates the need to adjust the carburetor, enabling better engine start-up in cold weather or after long-term storage and improving engine serviceability. The RTV400Ci offers a 16 HP, air-cooled, single cylinder gasoline engine.
  2. RTV500's offers a smooth 15.8-horsepower, 2-cylinder Kubota gasoline engine that is liquid-cooled to ensure reliability and minimize noise and vibration.

300 RTV Comfortable Riding Bed

  • 999 lbs. Payload Capacity

300 x 237 RTV400ci

  • 1,102 lbs. Towing Capacity
  • Up to 25 MPH
  • 9.0 cu. ft. Bed Volume

300 RTV Transmission Options

  • Transmission Options -

RTV400Ci - CVT Plus (Continuously Variable Transmission with Centrifugal Clutch)

  • Virtually worry free. The exclusive centrifgual clutch keeps the heavy, double cogged-belt tight for minimal slippage, resulting in greater response and increased durability over the competitiors' belt-drive systems. The one-way clutch provides noticeable engine braking to help maintain control during descents with engine assited deceleration. For more plus, CVT Plus has a full protection cover to minimize mud or dust intrusion, enhancing durability and enabling a longer belt life.

RTV500 - VHT Plus (Variable Hydro Transmission)

  • Dumping Cargo Bed
  • Smooth Suspension
  • Certified ROPS


*Features and specifications subject to change without notice