K008-3 Ultra Compact Excavator 



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Ultra-Compact Excavator



With Clean-running Kubota Tier IV Engine, Two Speed Travel and Foldable ROPS


Frame & Variable-Width Undercarriage that Fits Through Doorways. This Ultra-


Compact Excavator allows you to get the job done with ease!





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Kubota K008-3 Ultra Compact Excavator
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 300 KX Engine

  • Clean-running Kubota Engine (Tier IV) - Powerful and dependable, the K008-3's Diesel Engine delivers superior horsepower and performance. It offers low noise and vibration level, exceptional fuel efficiency, and complies with EPA's 2013 Tier IV emission regulations.

305 x 118 K008 3 Track Image

  • Variable-width Undercarriage, Fits Through Doorways - To enable passage through narrow spaces such as doorways and gates, the adjustable width track frame can reduce the K008-3's track width down to 2' 4" by simply operating a single lever. Plus, changing the blade width is as easy as removing one pin by hand.

300 KX Two Speed Travel

  • Two-Speed Travel - All Kubota excavators have a two speed drive that allows for efficient machine maneuverability and backfill operations. Need to make up time? Step on the K008-3's hi-speed pedal and you'll maneuver around job sites faster than any other compact excavator in its class.


173 x 173 Foldable ROPS Image

  • Foldable ROPS Frame - Rollover Protective Structure provides you with n extra measure of safety. It folds down to make easier transporting and storage of the excavator.

300 KX Comfort Convenience

  • Comfort & Convenience
  1. A spacious operator station designed for greater comfort, with a fully flat floor for more legroom
  2. Digital panel with easy access, simple settings and easy-to-read indicators and alerts
  3. Easy cab entry and exit
  4. Easy-open front slide window
  5. Wrist rest
  6. Cup holder
  • 2,200 lbs. Overall Weight*
  • 9' 0" Overall Length
  • 7' 4 " Overall Height
  • 2' 10" / 2' 4" Overall Width
  • 5' 8" Max Digging Depth
  • 5.55 gpm Aux. Hydraulic Flow



*Features and Specifications are subject to change at any time.