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Need more productivity?



Put the all-new Kubota Compact Track Loader to work for you.



Kubota, a trusted and world leading manufacturer of construction equipment,


is proud to introduce the SVL75-2/SVL95-2s Compact Track Loaders. These


new compact track loaders deliver the best-in-class bucket breakout force


and lifting capacity, outstanding stability, a wide and comfortable


operator area, and much more.


When it comes to high performance, reliability, and comfort, the road leads to Kubota.



Meet the SVL95-2s by Kubota Construction




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150 x 125 SVL95 2S Engine

  • Best-In-Class Engine Horsepower

Kubota's high-powered engines provide 96.4 HP for performance that surpasses the competition.


150 x 100 New CRS Diesel Engine

  • New CRS Diesel Engine

The SVL95-2s features Kubota's renowned CRS (Common Rail System) diesel engines which deliver a powerful 96.4 HP. The CRS electronically controls the fuel injection timing and amount for high torque at a low rpm to improve work efficiency.


150 x 125 SVL95 2S Electronic Travel Torque

  • Electronic Travel Torque Management

Electronic Travel Torque Management System lets you work faster with more power. The ECU constantly monitors the load of the machine to optimally control hydraluic pump output according to the load, preventing engine stalls for smoother operation even under severe conditions.


150 x 90 Diesel Particulate Filter

  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

The DPF traps the particulate matter (PM) while the SCR injects Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) to reduce the nitrous oxides (NOx) for cleaner exhaust emissions meeting Tier 4 final requirements.


150 x 110 Long Reach Bucket

  • Long Reach for Maximum Lifting and Dumping, High Bucket Hinge Pin Height

Kubota's unique vertical lift is designed to deliver an exceptionally long reach of 40.7 inches. In addition, the tip of the arm is optimally shaped for a tall hinge pin height of 128.5 inches for easy dumping into trucks.


150 x 121 Standard Self Leveling

  • Standard Self-leveling Function

This feature helps keep the bucket or pallet forks in a horizontal position without the need to manually adjust the angle during lifting.


150 x 100 Standard 2 Speed Travel

  • Standard Two-Speed Travel

Shift from low gear at 5.0 mph to high gear at 7.3 mph to get the job done faster


150 x 100 Pilot Valve

  • Pilot Valve with Shuttle Piston

This ensures consistent oil flow which improves directional stability.


150 x 62 Closed Center Hydraulic

  • Closed Center Hydraulic with Parallel Loader Control Valve

Unlike noisy gear pumps, a variable piston pump destrokes when no oil is needed thus quieter than a gear pump. A parallel valve means each circuit (loader, tilt, and aux) is fed independently and thus these circuits work in concert for multi-tasking. This is ideal for hydraulic circuits especially in applications with grapples, 4-in-1 buckets, and augers where loader, tilt and aux circuits need to work in concert. In a series-series configuration, the loader has the priority and thus it is difficult to work the circuits simultaneously.


150 x 121 Couple Under Pressure

  • Couple-Under-Pressure (CUP) Auxiliary Hydraulics Manifold

This option increases the hydraulic capacity for attachments requiring a higher flow. Both 1/2" and 3/4" couplers are part of this optional package.


150 x 153 Adjustable High Flow

  • Adjustable High Flow

This system allows for up to five different pre-set flow ratings from as little as 5 GPM to as high as 40 GPM to better match the desired rate with the attachment's flow rating. With 3553 PSI. the hydraulic horsepower is significant.


150 x 103 Higher Ground Clearance

  • Higher Ground Clearance

A high ground clearance of 11.5 inches lets you travel over large obstacles with ease.

  • 96.4 HP Turbocharged Kubota V3800 Tier 4 Engine
  • 11,299 - lbs. Operating Weight (Open Cab ROPS)*
  • 11,574 - lbs. Operating Weight (Closed Cab ROPS)*
  • 3,200 - lbs. Rated Operating Capacity**
  • 128.5" Hinge Pin Height
  • 41.7" Vertical Lift reach
  • 77.2 " Overall Mach. Width
  • 83.3" Height to Cab
  • 23.1 GPM Aux Standard Flow Hyd.
  • 40.0 GPM Aux High Flow (Optional)
  • Pilot Controls (Optional)




*Features and specifications subject to change without notice