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 Innovation. Productivity. Efficiency



These are the design foundations of FINN equipment. From our Straw Blowers which launched a new


industry to our market leading HydroSeeders and Bark Blowers, our diverse product lines up a wide


array of possibilities and savings. Increased productivity, greater job opportunities,


less labor needed, and material savings are just a few ways FINN machines can help the bottom line.



Some of the industries served by FINN;


Erosion Control, Landscape, Municipal, Solid Waste Landfill,


Mine & Oil Field Reclamation, Playground, Construction, Golf, and Equipment Rentals.



Innovation. Productivity. Efficiency.



We are FINN of Baltimore and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic Region.



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  • Kohler CH640 Engine
  • 20.5 HP w/ Electric Start
  • Blow up to 4 tons per hour
  • 17" Diameter fan w/ 6 blades blower
  • Up to 45 ft. Range
  • Manual Feed
  • Trailer Option
  • Skid Weight: 565 lbs.
  • Trailer Weight 1,165 lbs.
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  • Yanmar 3 cyl. water-cooled engine
  • 35.1 HP Tier 4 Final Diesel
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  • John Deere Tier II Diesel 4045T
  • 125 HP Turbo w/ over-center clutch
  • Blow Up to 20 tons of straw per hour
  • 30" diameter fan with 6 blades
  • Up to 100 ft. Range
  • Hydraulic Conveyor Chain
  • Frame & Trailer
  • 4,800 lbs.
  • Emergency shutdown buttons on feed tray
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*Working weight are approximate and do not include options or stored material. *Based on material at 750 lbs. cu. yd. FINN Corporation has a policy of continuous product improvement, and reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice.

Security Equipment Company is not responsible for any mistakes in specifications. Please refer to Manufacturer Equipment Brochure and your Owner's Manual, or Consult our Sales Team at 410-247-9600