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The LF120 HydroSeeder


Designed specifically for use in the extreme environments of landfills. the LF120 HydroSeeder,


an exclusive FINN Landfill Solution™, is an efficiencient solution for


applying alternative daily cover (ADC), as well as the application


of materials to control odor, dust and erosion.



Furthermore, the unit can be used as a mobile watering


source to was equipment, put out fires, and it can be used


for other hydroseeding tasks such as re-vegetation and landscaping.



A fully loaded FINN LF120 landfill unit can cover up to 7500 square feet, while the


process to load and discharge the slurry takes less than one hour.









  • FINN Waste Cover Meets ASTM Sd523-00: Standard Guide for Alternative Daily Cover for Sanitary Landfill
  • Minimize Disease Vectors
  • Control Leachate and Erosion
  • Reduce Fire Hazard Potential
  • Minimize Wind Blown Litter
  • Reduce Noxious Odors
  • Provide an Aesthetic Appearance
  • Allow Accessibility Regardless of Weather


*Features and specifications subject to change without notice




  • Meets ASTM D4982-95: Flamable Potential Screening Analysis of Waste
  • Significant Space Saver
  • Adds to Landfill Life
  • Covers for pennies per Square Foot
  • Non-Toxic (ADC)
  • Delays Constructon Costs
  • Reduces Fuel and Equipment Costs