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1200 x 574 BB 5 Series Mulch and Bark Blower Header




BB 5-Series Bark and Mulch Blower



5 cubic yard hopper capacity



The BB 5-Series Bark and Mulch Blower is the neweste FINN model and is designed with ease


of use and reliable performance in mind for landscape and erosion control contractors. With its


simplified control package and streamlined engineering design, the BB 5-Series will be a dependable


workhorse for the application of mulches, soil blends and compost and has the added benefit of being


straightforward to use and maintain. Save labor by avoiding the manual work of spreading mulches


using wheelbarrows. Make more money by doing more projects in a day and put your additional


laborers who were moving product by wheelbarrows to work for you on more profitable projects!






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*Features and specifications subject to change without notice