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INTIMIDATOR™ 19XP Drum-Style Chipper




Available in several configurations, the Intimidator™ 19XP delivers


a 20.5-inch by 26-inch chipper opening and Bandit’s Slide


Box Feed System to handle large limbs, forked branches and whole trees.


Designed for tree services performing large takedowns, the


Intimidator 19XP chips with a 37-inch diameter drum.


Depending on options it can be configured as a single-axle


chipper under 10,000 pounds, or as a tandem-axle heavy-duty


machine with a larger feed system and higher horsepower options.




  • Rope/Line Shear Device - Provides an improved chance that rope or lines inadvertently entering the chipper may be cut.
  • Last Chance Cables - Stops/reverses the feed wheel when pulled in case of emergency
  • Operator Safety Control Bar - Wraps around three sides of the infeed chute and controls the direction of the feed wheels.
  • Wood Pusher Paddle - Used to feed small wood debris into the chipper.
  • Chipper Hood Pin w/ Padlock - Prevents unauthorized access to the disc or drum.
  • Chipper Hood Engine Disable Plug - Prevents engine from being started without the hood pin in place.
  • Optional Feed Wheel Engage - Requires operators to control feed wheel via foot pedal.
  • Optional Hydraulic Bottom Bump Bar - Stops feed wheels via mechanical connection when bumped, diverting hydraulic power away from the feed wheels.



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