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INTIMIDATOR™ 15XP  Drum Style Chipper



The Intimidator™ 15XP is a dominating chipper in the 15-inch drum


chipper category thanks to an unbeatable combination of performance,


fuel economy and durability.


It chips with an oversized drum and features a large 17.75-inch by 18.5-inch


throat opening to easily process big limbs, forked material


and moderately sized trees. Dual feed wheels in Bandit’s Slide


Box Feed System provide exceptional pulling power, making the


Intimidator 15XP one of the most popular hand-fed chippers on the market.







  • Rope/Line Shear Device - Provides an improved chance that rope or lines inadvertently entering the chipper may be cut.
  • Last Chance Cables - Stops/reverses the feed wheel when pulled in case of emergency
  • Operator Safety Control Bar - Wraps around three sides of the infeed chute and controls the direction of the feed wheels.
  • Wood Pusher Paddle - Used to feed small wood debris into the chipper.
  • Chipper Hood Pin w/ Padlock - Prevents unauthorized access to the disc or drum.
  • Chipper Hood Engine Disable Plug - Prevents engine from being started without the hood pin in place.




  • Optional Feed Wheel Engage - Requires operators to control feed wheel via foot pedal.
  • Optional Hydraulic Bottom Bump Bar - Stops feed wheels via mechanical connection when bumped, diverting hydraulic power away from the feed wheels.



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