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Any machine can look good on paper or in a showroom. The real test happens with customers in the field, and that's


where Bandit simply has no competition. Over 50,000 Bandit machines have been built for customers around the world,


serving a range of industries including tree care, logging, land clearing, recycling, biomass, and rental markets.



They are proud of relationships they've built with customers through the years;


it represents their commitment to building the equipment they need, then


following it up with the support they deserve.





Strong, dependable equipment translates to a strong bottom line. Hundreds of skilled Bandit engineers, designers,


fabricators and tradesmen combine state-of-the-art manufacturing technology with traditional hand assembly


and extensive welded construction to build every Bandit machine, with all work taking place at the company's


280,000 square-foot mid-Michigan headquarters. This hands-on manufacturing approach is why Bandit


machines have such an exceptional reputation for longevity, reliability, and resale value.


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Security Equipment + Maryland State DGS


Equals Your


Strategic Sourcing Solution


Towards the Purchase Grounds Maintenance and Construction Equipment


State of MD Contract:


BPO: 001B7400200


Statewide Contract for Ground Maintenance Equipment and


related equipment accessories and supplies.


Or Choose NJPA and Check out the Video Below!


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