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We supply recent models of clean, well maintained construction and agricultural equipment, mowers, compact, specialized equipment, and attachments. Discounts are available when your own equipment is in our shop for repair. Ask about our rent to own options.

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  • Skid Steer Loaders

    ModelHP Operating
    New Holland L21860 HP1,800 lb5,930 lb
    New Holland L22060 HP2,000 lb6,470 lb
    New Holland L223 – L22574 – 82 HP2,250 – 2,500 lb7,380 – 7,900 lb
    New Holland L23092 HP3,000 lb8,300 lb
    Kubota SSV6564 HP1,950 lb6,790 lb
    Kubota SSV7574 HP2,690 lb8,157 lb
  • Skid Steer Attachments Call for availability

    McMillen augers9 – 36" diameter bits
    Alitec power rake72"
    Asphalt planer12", low flow
    Auger bits
    Auger extension
    Bradco backhoe 9' digging depth requires
    mounting bracket
    Bradco brush grapple72"
    Bradco scrap grapple72"
    Construction Attachments hydraulic breaker750 lb
    FFC power rake preparator 2.5" tilling depth
    Hydraulic rotary cutter60"
    Multi purpose bucket4 in 1 function, 72"
    Pallet forks48"
    Sweepster broom72" pick up
    Tooth bucket72"
  • Compact Track Loaders

    ModelHPOperating LoadOperating Weight
    New Holland C22768 HP2,700 lb8,270 lb
    New Holland C23268 HP3,200 lb9,630 lb
    New Holland C23884 HP3,800 lb10,100 lb
    Kubota SVL7574 HP3,285 lb9,315 lb
    Kubota SVL9092 HP4,300 lb11,299 lb
  • Toro Compact Utility Loaders

    Model Operating
    Dingo 220 – Wheeled20 HP515 lb1,440 lb
    Dingo TX 525 – Rubber Tracks25 HP535 lb2,001 lb
    Dingo TX-1000 Wide Track24 HP1,075 lb2,790 lb
    Dingo TX-1000 Narrow Track24 HP1,000 lb2,610 lb
  • Toro Compact Utility Equipment

    ModelHP Operating
    STX-26 Stump grinder26 HP1,248 lb
    TRX-19 Walk-behind trencher19 HP36" x 6"1,185 lb
    TRX-26 Walk-behind trencher26 HP48" x 6"1,248 lb
  • Toro Attachments

    Auger drive with 6" – 30" auger bitPallet forks
    Auger extensionPower rake
    Auger bitsSoil cultivator
    Concrete breakerTooth bar
    Grapple attachmentTrencher 36" x 6"
    Grapple bucketSoil cultivator
    LevelerVibratory plow
  • Chippers & Grinders

    Bandit 75XP chipper56 HP7" diameter, disc, self propelled
    Bandit 990XP chipper84 HP 12" diameter, drum, auto feed
    Bandit 250XP chipper140 HP 12" diameter, disc, auto feed
    Bandit 1590XP chipper140 HP17" diameter, drum, auto feed
    Bandit 2550XP stump grinder49 HP21" diameter, self propelled
    Bandit 2890XP stump grinder97 HPSelf propelled
    Bandit 2800 stump grinder60 HPTow type, remote control
  • Utility Vehicles

    ModelHPOperating WeightDetails
    Kubota RTV40016 HP – Gas1,257 lbCVT trans
    Kubota RTV90021 HP1,900 lbHydro trans/hydraulic dump/
    power steering
  • Tractor Loaders

    New Holland Workmaster 3538 HP1,370 lb4WD/hydro trans/
    240 quick attach loader
    New Holland Workmaster 4041 HP1,940 lb4WD/synchro shuttle trans/
    250 quick attach loader
  • Wheel Loaders

    ModelHPOperating WeightBucketDetails
    New Holland W8077 HP12,544 lb1.3 yd34WD/hydro trans/
    enclosed cab
    Kubota R53048 HP9,799 lb0.85 yd34WD/hydro trans/
    enclosed cab
    Kubota R63062 HP10,725 lb1.0 yd34WD/hydro trans/
    enclosed cab
  • Backhoe Loaders

    ModelHPOperating WeightDig DepthLift Capacity
    Kubota B2626 HP4,001 lb8' 3"1,300 lb
    Kubota L4545 HP7,173 lb10' 1"2,200 lb
    New Holland B95B97 HP16,008 lb18' 5"7,925 lb
  • Excavators

    ModelHPOperating WeightDig DepthDetails
    Rubber Tracks
    Kubota KX4117 HP3,693 lb7' 9"ROPS Canopy
    Kubota KX7127 HP6,305 lb9' 9"ROPS Canopy
    Kubota KX9129 HP7,540 lb10' 5"ROPS Canopy
    Kubota KX12140 HP9,634 lb11' 5"ROPS Canopy
    Kubota KX05747 HP12,765 lb12' 8"Enclosed cab
    Kubota KX08070 HP19,026 lb15' 1"Enclosed cab
    Kubota U3528 HP8,234 lb10' 3"ROPS Canopy
    Steel Tracks
    Kobelco SK210LC150 HP47,800 lb22'
  • Telehandlers

    ModelHPLift CapacityLift HeightDetails
    New Holland M42795 HP6,600 lb42'ROPS Canopy
  • FINN Landscape & Erosion Control Equipment

    FINN B-40 straw blower20 HP – Gas1,165 lbSkid mount, 45' range,
    2-3 bales/minute
    FINN B-70 straw blower33.5 HP2,250 lbTrailer mount, 60' range
    FINN T-30 Hydroseeder®18 HP – Gas4,560 lbSkid mount, 70' range,
    335 gal capacity
    FINN T-60 Hydroseeder®25 HP – Gas7,770 lbTrailer mount, 90' range,
    500 gal capacity
    FINN T-90 Hydroseeder®33.5 HP14,670 lbTrailer mount, 180' range,
    800 gal capacity
    FINN BB-302 bark blower33.5 HP5,750 lb1.5 yd3 capacity
  • Highway Mowing Equipment

    T6020/TS115110 HP18.5' Alamo Dual
    Wing Interstater™
    4WD/enclosed cab/
    16x16 trans
  • Land Pride Attachments

    For 3-point hitch
    SA35 auger driveRB2672 rear bladeFSP500 spreader
    BB1260 box scraperRBT4096 rear bladeFSP1000 spreader
    BB1572 box scraperFDR1660 rear mowerRTR0550 tiller
    RCR1260 cutterFDR2572 rear mowerRTR1266 tiller
    SP2060 pulverizerLR1660 rear rakeSH35 3-point hitch
    RB0560 rear bladeLR1672 rear rake
    For tractor with loader plate
    BS10 bale spear
    PFL3048 pallet forks
    SSP1572 snow pusher