B26 Tractor Loader Backhoe



1291 x 291 Kubota CE Header V2




Economical Workhorse with a ton of options


to meet your needs!



Loaded with a 24.3 HP Kubota diesel engine, standard 4-wheel drive and sloped loader arms and hood designed for


improved visibility on the work site, the B26 takes productivity to the next level.



Meet The B26TLB From Kubota Construction


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147 x 97 Kubota Engine Feature

  • Engine

Tackle the toughest jobs with the B26's rugged 24.3 HP Tier 4 diesel engine. It boasts an enviable combination of high power, high torque rise, low noise, low vibration, and cleaner emissions. Easy to start on cold mornings, this high output, liquid-cooled engine will prove both dependable and durable for years to come.

146 x 106 Slanted Hood Design

  • Slanted Boom and Hood Design

The slanted boom and hood of the B26 improves visability over the hood. This helps you change attachments and get back to work quickly, and allows increased productivity in tight areas.

145 x 109 Integrated Main Frame

  • Integrated Main Frame

The reinforced integrated mainframe of the B26 is performance matched to the loader and backhoe. This means that the structural integrity of the tractor is uncompromisingly sound and built to take on the stresses of repetitive loader and backhoe work.

142 x 94 Four Wheel Drive

  • Four Wheel Drive

Combined with the differential lock for the front axle, the B26's 4WD ensuresvirtually unstoppable performance under difficult conditions or on varying terrain.

146 x 100 Spark Arrestor

  • Spark Arrestor

Mounted under the hood, the standard Spark Arrestor muffler ensures that you are safe when working around dry fields or grass.

143 x 103 Deluxe Seat

  • Deluxe Seat

We've installed more comfortable and ergonomic seats on the B26. These deluxe seats are more cushioned to reduce fatigue, even when working long hours.

144 x 98 Engine Start Switch

  • Engine Start Switch

We've moved the starter to the right side of the operator seat to make it easier to reach when you're operating the loader or the backhoe.

144 x 99 3 Point Hitch

  • 3-Point Hitch

To give you the ability to take on bigger jobs, the lifting capacity of the B26's Category 1 3-point hitch is 1,676 lbs 24" behind the lift points. This will allow you to attach a wider variety of implements and larger implements, making you more productive.

145 x 101 Hydraulic Independent PTO

  • Hydraulic Independent PTO

The Independent PTO keeps stopping to a minimum. With this handy feature, you can stay productive by engaging and disengaging the rear PTO without ever having to stop the tractor.

145 x 105 Headlights and Worklights

  • Headlights/Worklights

We've installed headlights and worklights to thee canopy and ROPS respectively. The height of the headlights provides greater ground coverage during night work. The rear-mounted worklights shine brightly for backhoe or 3-point hitch work.

150 x 104 ROPS FOPS


The Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) and the Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) come standardon the B26. Asidefrom protecting you from harm, the FOPS canopy also serves as a barrier between you and the elements.

  • 24.3 HP
  • 3-Range HST Transmission
  • 19.5 PTO HP
  • 1,301 - lbs. Max lift capacity w/ TL500 Loader
  • 94.5" Max lifting height w/ TL500 Loader
  • 99.8" Max dig depth w/BT820 Backhoe
  • 1,676 - lbs. 3-point hitch lift capacity at 24"
  • 4,001 - lbs. Operating Weight**
  • Optional Category I 3-point hitch


*Features and specifications subject to change without notice